TDB: Interracial Taboo


I am quite proud of my latest article for The Daily Beast about the complicated issue concerning the business of “interracial” in porn. If you haven’t read it yet, please do. Below is an opening teaser, to read the rest and weigh in or tweet it out click on the link below (it’ll take you directly to the rest of the article).

Interracial Sex Still Taboo for Many Porn Stars


When it comes to things they won’t do on camera, a surprising number of adult-film stars draw the line at interracial sex.

When I first got into the adult business about 12 years ago, one of the most confusing things my agent asked was whether I “did interracial.” I was completely baffled. So the old man clarified: “Do you do black guys?” I was shocked at what seemed a racist question. As I sat on his dusty couch in a small, smoke-filled office, it suddenly felt like I was in another era: the black-and-white one.

I timidly answered: “Sure, I guess so. I don’t know what the difference is. It’s just skin color.”

Today, I know that on-camera race relations are a complicated topic—particularly the way they have been translated in porn’s fantasyland.

“Racism exists, and it exists in porn,” says the iconic, award-winning porn star Kristina Rose, who has been featured in more than 400 adult movies. With that number of films, it is easy for fans not to notice if a performer has avoided interracial. But TMZ last month took the time to point out that in making more than 100 films,Alexis Texas, another award-winning porn star, has never worked with black guys. Texas refused comment for this story. A representative of her agency, LA Direct Models, told me Texas had no interest in speaking about the topic to anyone, suggesting that TMZ blew the issue out of proportion…..




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  1. morgan28d1

    no im always proud of your writing it goes way back for me on another site when you wrote blogs and did some audio ! i miss that sexy voice talking (well thats stretching as we often talk ) lol

    • Aurora Snow

      @ morgan28d1,
      Aw, thank you!
      Shall put together some audio clips soon :)
      xo- Aurora

    • Henry

      Honestly it really doesn’t matter. I read this at first and was like f**k that B**ch she’s racist but, then I did some deep thinking, in all actuality it’s all about personal preference but at the same time people want too see Caucasian women with African American males even white males. I mean honestly look around everywhere you go interracial dating is on the rise, Who still sees color these days? Like my mom says we all eat,sleep,piss,shit,breath air and drink. We’re all the same regardless of skin color or genetic makeup. The way I feel about this whole situation for every white female that’s like I’ll never do a black guy there’s 2 or three that are interested or just plane curious. I have a theory that 70% of society has gotten over racism and the other 30% is ignorant and oblivious too the fact that times have changed and will continue too! It’s all apart of evolution!if everything stays the same how can we as a people change?

      I’m a 21 year old black male, I grew up in San Diego California my mom always instilled in me and my brother that people are people regardless of physical or psychological differences. I actually had the best both world I have friends of all races but in my teenage years the majority of all my closest friends were white. Bottom line people are people

      • Aurora Snow

        @ Henry,
        Completely agree: people are people. We all have different personalities and we choose how to define ourselves based on our actions not our heritage.
        xo- Aurora

  2. morgan28d1

    im waiting for the next exciting porn article

    • Aurora Snow

      @ morgan28d1,
      Working on that soon :)
      xo- Aurora

  3. Spudster

    Interesting article,although I have never really cared what the skin color of the male performers was,just that they do a good job.

    • Aurora Snow

      @ Spudster,
      It’s a business move for some of the girls in the business.
      xo- Aurora

  4. Kristin Guttormsen

    When I was in the military stationed in Mississippi we all decided to go visit an authentic southern back woods cathouse. When the taxi arrived and my black friend climbed in the cab driver suddenly told us she wouldn’t take us with him going.

    We were baffled and outraged but when we confronted her she said it wasn’t that SHE cared, but if he went there he’d certainly be killed, and possibly us as well, and she wouldn’t have that on her conscience.

    This was 1992 btw.

    There were four of us that decided not to go after that. Him, of course, and the three of us that sat with him while he cried after experiencing racism for the first time in his life.

    I’m sure he never forgot that day, and neither have I.

    • Aurora Snow

      @ Kristin,
      WOW. I am always shocked when I hear stories like that.
      I grew up in a multi-cultural area and never thought twice about it.
      I understand not all parts of our country are so diverse, or open minded.
      xo- Aurora

      • Kristin Guttormsen

        I’d actually only ever seen one black person before I got to boot camp (grew up in a small town in SW Washington). However there was no difference between him and anyone else that I could tell. The same wasn’t true of those I met in the military, who seemed to have cultural commonalities that were missing in most of the Pacific NW.

        It was quite an eye opener for me.

        • Aurora Snow

          @ Kristin,
          I imagine being in the military would be eye opening.
          So many different people and a whole lot of life experience coming at you quickly.
          It’s quite admirable and brave.
          xo- Aurora

  5. vicente

    I think it has not sunny lane interracial
    I remember in the 70′s some actresses interracial refused to do for fear that some clubs and not hired for shows
    personally I imagine a video interracial
    the owner of an estate is abusing a slave and this then gives the lady love or something

    muchos kisses

    • Aurora Snow

      @ vicente,
      I am sure the business model was quite different in the 70s ;)
      xo- Aurora

  6. jj

    Aurora, I first would like to thank you for bringing this topic to at least a state of conversation. There was a documentary awhile ago that talked about the origins and history of the adult entertainment business and while much was pointed about the history nothing touched on this topic which I found very odd being as that the business has been around longer than any other. As a 47 year old black male that enjoys his share of adult material(and your films particularly by the way) I always wondered why an industry that claims to always be on the cutting edge of the show business arena stays eerily silent on this and treats race relations like we are in the silent film era. But there is hope, we do have young ladies such as yourself and men in the business that have stature to move the industry into the future and will inevitably change some of the perceptions. Thanks Aurora and Love Always, JJ

    • Aurora Snow

      @ JJ,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      This can be a very touchy subject and therefore I wrote this article with a great deal of care.
      Happy to shed some light on this aspect of the adult industry.
      xo- Aurora

  7. lukiebro3

    Interesting piece of writing by you, as usual, no surprises there, lol good job, the interracial thing, is quite interesting to me as you prob know by now lol ,just saying ,lol anyway hope your doing great baby, xo.

  8. Dr. A/Vsian

    Racism is alive and well everywhere, not just in porn. It’s constantly shocking to me, really. As a “person of color” who is also a “model minority,” I am privy to a lot of conversations with my Caucasian colleagues regarding such-and-such race, etc. It’s always shocking to me. And I find it dumb.

    I find girls who are willing to do interracial scenes more appealing overall, and I know that’s true of some of my other friends who follow porn.

    On a personal note – your early interracial scenes are part of what got me onto the genre. One of my favorite scenes is still from Up Your Ass #18. The way you handled those two monsters – well, I’m just getting hot and bothered thinking about it. :)

  9. QSJ

    Great interview on The Young Turks.

    • Aurora Snow

      @ QSJ,
      Thank you! It was great to be on.
      xo- Aurora

  10. Brett

    What a load of sh_t! You write about so called racism and then in your article imply the usual black guys have bigger dicks then white guys and everyone else tripe that i see from so many white porn skanks and for what?? Your also a damn hyocrite as you i think have done cuckold and the usual attempt to emmasculate the white guy videos yourself.No wonder there is so much hate directed at you imbeciles who do n-lover porno….you make me sick-and YOU represent everything that is wrong w/ america.People like you are the ones out promoting racial stereoypes…big black dick blah blah blah ha! Yeah i might be a racist…but women like you are responsible for all the negative stereotypical sexual stereotypes about white males…i think your sick you have no idea of the guys you are hurting by what you say and do.

    • Aurora Snow

      @ Brett,
      I am sorry you feel that way. Vent away, if being angry at me makes you feel better or gives you a sense of empowerment, well, than I am happy to help you feel better about your troubles.
      Now, about the article: what I wrote was that the way black men are cast in porn is to disproportionately represent in a manner of speaking. I felt that was clear in the article. I am not a hypocrite, and if you would please reread the article I’m sure you’ll be able to understand that it has nothing to do with emasculating anyone.
      The ENTIRE point of the article was to explain that while some people in the adult industry might be racist, the real reason behind certain choices that actresses make has way more to do with business and how they are being guided by agents and companies.
      I am sorry to hear you are a racist, that’s a narrow path. However I am not what’s wrong with America. I strongly believe in freedom,being open-minded, and promote the education of people in all subjects.
      I wish the best for you. I hope someone, someday can be kind to you. Maybe that’s all you need. A little warmth, a little love, and you’d feel better.
      Good luck.
      xo- Aurora

    • Simon

      Whilst I don’t agree with this posters outlook in any way.
      I do feel a certain amount of sympathy toward him, because
      this subject has obviously got him so wound up.

      As a white guy I have to say it’s easy to become hooked
      on downloading large amounts of hardcore IR/BBC porn into
      your life. I also know it can begin to exert a very real
      influence over you, if you let it …

      Personally, I’ve been quite shocked, but also very much
      intrigued by how much this type of porn has effected me.

      However, I think people sometimes forget that this is legally
      classed as ‘Adult Material’. It’s deemed too corrupting and
      influential to be viewed by anyone under the age of 18.

      Yet, that doesn’t mean that it suddenly becomes any ‘LESS’ so
      once you reach adulthood. That just means you simply have
      the legal right to view material of this nature if you should
      ‘choose’ to do so.

      IR BBC porn is powerful emotive stuff. The decision to
      watch it shouldn’t be taken lightly, or any other form of
      hardcore porn for that matter. Ultimately, you are responsible
      for your own actions. If IR material is causing you an issue
      then you should really stay away from it rather than letting
      it effect you like it has.

      I watch porn to get turned on, not get angry and resentful.
      Where’s the enjoyment and fun in that …

      I also have to say that away from the online porn ‘fantasy’
      world, and the ridiculous statements and opinions spouted by
      the anonymous users found on many IR related forums. I’ve actually
      seen very little change in everyday peoples attitudes. Sure, IR BBC
      porn is popular at the moment, but it’s certainly not corrupting
      the world to anywhere near the degree that some people suggest.
      Personally, if I didn’t get a kick out of watching it, and how it
      effected me. I would simply go and watch something else instead.

  11. diego

    hello very interesting your article, I want to ask you something in your personal life you have sex with black men? and if you marry a black man?, I hope you do not mind answering, and on the subject I think it’s a fetish that many people see it but at the same time do not like to see, I heard from many people, I have enough questions about the porno world lol, and hopefully you answer me some, we can talk about in my twitter if you do not mind, I’d appreciate it, Greetings @diddy_roc

    • Aurora Snow

      @ diego,
      Yes, I have had sex with many different types of men.
      I am not married just yet either ;)
      xo- Aurora

  12. Simon

    Hi .. I’d just like the opportunity to amend my previous post.

    I stated there, rather flippantly, that if someone was worried
    or unhappy with the effects BBC IR porn had on them, they should
    ‘simply’ just stop watching it … and basically the problem
    would be solved …..

    However, after deciding to try and take a break from porn, I
    discovered to my cost that this was a rather fateful and naive
    remark, and now I’m being rather unceremoniously forced to eat
    my own words.

    I’ve found, over the last couple of months, that I literally
    cannot break the hold Massive Black Cock porn now has over me.

    What basically started out as enjoying a bit of IR themed
    adult entertainment has turned into something way way more
    than I ever bargained for.

    So, my rather belated advice to anyone reading this is that if
    you find yourself downloading large amounts of a particular
    type of porn ( in my case BBC material ), just take a step
    back for a moment and reflect on the implications.

    I didn’t, and was already way past the point of no return
    before I managed to pull my head out of the sand, take a look
    round and realize just what I’d got myself into.

    I don’t want to put anyone off watching and enjoying porn at
    all. Just to be careful, use common sense, and not let anything
    get too out of hand. Thanks

  13. christopher

    Aurora Snow , there is a video of racist porn stars talking about black people .these racist porn stars are tyla wynn ,who is a white american woman, and sergio soares,who is not american ,sergio soares is brazilian , he is one of those racist light skinned latin .It is a video of Army of Ass 10 film ,released in 2005 . Aurora Snow ,you must see this racist video!!!I am from brazil and i am not proud to be brazilian.Sorry for my english,my english knowledge is not good.

    • Aurora Snow

      @ christopher,
      Sorry to hear that.
      However I suppose each person is entitled to their own opinions so long as they do not go out of their way to harm others, etc.
      xo- Aurora

      • christopher

        Aurora Snow ,thank you for replying me . I have never talked to a porn actress before , this was the first time .I have seen your interview on youtube talking about racism in porn and I have also seen Lex Steele talking about this issue(racism in porn ).I hope ILLUMINATI (WHITE SUPREMACY) do not want to kill you.

        • Aurora Snow

          @ christopher,
          I certainly hope that NO ONE wants to kill me. I co-exist peacefully with others :)
          xo- Aurora

          • christopher

            I think you are misunderstanding me , I did not say I want somebody kill you . I did say illuminati kill all the people who defy them(illuminati) and pornography industry is controlled by illuminati (racist ideology).You have defied them. I am being HUMBLE and EDUCATED with you and you are being ARROGANT and UNEDUCATED with me . I have thought porn actresses would be humble and educated .I bet you go to bohemian grove for having sex in front of owl statue (moloch). Eu achei que atrizes pornográficas fossem mais humildes, pois afinal de contas ficar mostrando todos os buracos do corpo na frente das cameras para todo mundo poder ver e então ganhar dinheiro através disso ,fazeria a pessoa se envergonhar e ser mais humilde, nem que fosse um pouco só . É impressionante como é notável a sua arrogância!

          • Aurora Snow

            @ christopher,
            No I didn’t misunderstand you. I know that you did not say you want somebody to kill me. That was clear. I think perhaps you misunderstood me… regardless on the subject of killing me, I should hope no one wants to. That’s a very natural reaction to such thoughts. There is no tone in text perhaps you just misunderstood? However you are being incredibly rude and disrespectful when I have been neither to you. I don’t understand why. How is it that such anger boils to the surface so quickly? I am neither arrogant nor uneducated, though if it makes you feel better to call me such, so be it. Sad that you jump to conclusions so quickly. Why the switch in language? I cannot read Spanish, which you must be assume, though I am sure one of my readers will be able to, which is probably why you are writing that.
            Anyway, sorry that you are so angry over a simple misunderstanding. No need to be insulting. Wish you the best. Hope you are able to find your inner calm and some sort of happiness in life. In my experience the people that are quick to anger are those that are most unhappy.

            xo- Aurora

  14. christopher

    I do not know you and you do not know me either ,therefore I am not angry with you and you can not say anything about me because you do not know me .I also wish you the best.

    • Aurora Snow

      @ christopher,
      Agreed. We do not know one another at all.
      xo- Aurora

      • christopher

        did you translate to english what i wrote ?

        • Aurora Snow

          @ christopher,
          No. I have not translated it. I don’t read Spanish or speak it, which I’m guessing is the point. If you wanted me to know what you wrote you would have written it in English. So my apologies, but I will be left in the dark and have no idea what you wrote in Spanish.
          xo- Aurora

          • christopher

            It is Not spanish . I do not speak that dirty and filthy language called spanish and I HATE these filthy races mexicans ,puerto ricans ,argentinians ,etc…! Changing the subject , I would like hear your sweet voice everyday through my cellphone . Your voice really makes me horny . Do not let anyone touch your body anymore .All those porn actors are rotten or rotten to the core .I AM PRISTINE ! Why can I not touch you?

          • Aurora Snow

            @ christopher,
            I wouldn’t know the difference, so I have no idea what language you wrote it looked like Spanish to me. However since I don’t speak or read whatever language it’s in I can’t possible ever translate it (which again I assume is the point otherwise you would have written it in English). As for hateful opinions towards other races, well, I find that sad. I enjoy living in a multi-cultural world. Diversity can be a good thing, but hate never is.
            Btw… no one is pristine, those who claim to be are even less so. Perhaps you’ve heard the expression,”He who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones at others.”

            xo- Aurora

  15. Robert

    I have a question or two regarding the sex between black and white.#1 Since I have seen videos where the woman was enjoying a FINGER in her vagina and supposedly had an orgasm,why would a “big dick” be such a hot topic? I read on a website that the average vagina was ONLY 3 inches long but stretches to accomodate childbirth so it allows for larger dicks.Also the article stated while a woman may appreciate the sight of the bigger dick,she didn’t necessarilty want it in her.#2 I have heard for many years the phrase”if you go black,you’ll never go back”.IF that is true and black man has had the black woman,then WHY,WHY,WHY does there seem to be the desire for the black man to be with the white woman? One time 30 years ago I was told something by a black man for his personal reason and if you respond by email,I’ll tell you what he said.

    • Aurora Snow

      @ Robert,
      It all depends on the woman and what she likes. Some women enjoy very large objects whereas other women can be stimulated by touching just one small spot on the vagina. All of our bodies are created differently, and each women will orgasm in her own way. What pleases one woman might not please another. BTW I think the phrase “once you go black you’ll never go back” is a silly made up phrase, probably made up by some porno company a long time ago. My opinion is that there is no truth in that, just a statement used to sell a stereotype to consumers.
      xo- Aurora

      • Robert

        I appreciate your response and what seemed to be a frank answer both that all women are different and the possible creation of the “phrase”.I wish you happiness and success in all your endeavors.You are a beautiful woman.Maybe we can have lunch someday.

        • Aurora Snow

          @ Robert,
          Thank you. Wish you the best as well :)
          xo- Aurora

      • Robert

        JUST IN CASE you didn’t know.The “Bohemian Grove” is a place in California I saw on a program on the history channel.It is bordered on one side by the Russian river and it is said to be a private piece of property where “secret sociaties” meet,hold rituals in a clearing that is dominated by a huge statue of an owl,and supposedly shape american policies to determine how we are all going to live.

        • Aurora Snow

          @ Robert,
          Sounds interesting. And it was on the History channel? Do you think that stuff still takes place? Always hard to sort myth from fact especially when it comes to secret societies.
          xo- Aurora

  16. christopher

    And one more time I have to say: you are even ARROGANT and UNEDUCATED !I said good things or words to you ,I said you have a sweet voice and you didn`t appreciate me .The Rockefeller family and The Bush family will lead you to SKULL AND BONES for you to be one more of those women who are used in MASONIC ILLUMINATI INITIATION RITUALS before long .You just wrote this article talking about racism in porn and you just also showed up in an interview to talk about this issue because it is pornography .I wonder if you were an actress of hollywood you would talk about racism in hollywood films. African american actor Dave Chapelle already talked about racism in hollywood films .RAT FACE Kristen Stewart say no to Will Smith because he is a black man, you also probably would have done the same thing that kristen stewart did,you would also say no to Will Smith because he is a black man .It is only in porn films you have sex with black men ,haven`t you?You said to me :”He who lives in a glass house shouldn`t throw stones at others” and I also say this same thing to you ,BTW(BY THE WAY),WHAT HAVE YOUR FATHER,MOTHER,BROTHERS AND SISTERS BEEN SAID WHEN THEY WATCH YOU HAVING SEX WITH ALL THOSE DIRTY ,FILTHY,ROTEN AND WITH SYPHILIS MALE WHITES,MALE BLACKS,MALE ASIANS AND MALE LATINS(MEXICANS,PUERTO RICANS ,BRAZILIANS(SERGIO SOARES) IN FRONT OF CAMERAS ???YOU HAVE ALREADY SEX WITH SERGIO SOARES (ROTEN BRAZILIAN MONSTER),HAVEN`T YOU?IF YOU HAVE NOT SEX WITH HIM YET,I BET YOU ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO HAVING SEX WITH THAT DIRTY , FILTHY AND ROTEN BRAZILIAN CALLED SEGIO SOARES.

    • Aurora Snow

      @ christopher,
      You sound like a very angry person. I almost didn’t approve your comment, because at the end of the day it is MY CHOICE whether or not to allow comments like this… though I almost always do. I support our first amendment rights. You and I obviously have very, very, very different opinions. Yours seem to enrage you. Why you choose to spill such negativity here, I don’t know and I probably never will. Sorry you have problems. Hope you are able to talk to someone, maybe let go of the angry hatred that has wound you up so tightly.

      I guess the real question in all of this is.. WHY? Why are you spending your precious time on me and writing mean spirited messages to someone you don’t know?

      Time is a valuable commodity, one we will never get back. We don’t even know how much time we have to spend, we can only blindly guess, so why spend your time spreading hate? Don’t you have better things to do? If anything I suggest you find what makes you happy and spend your time on that. Life is short and it gets shorter by the minute.

      xo- Aurora

      • christopher

        HAHAHAHAHA you really make me laugh. cry me a river HAHAHAHAHA .yes I have better things to do such as :to watch african americans hate white people and hispanics .racial divide ……………..there is not better thing than this…………………hatred and more panthers killing zimmerman and white people……………trayvon martin death is just HATRED AND MORE HATRED BEGINNING HAHAHAHA.and you ……………………don´t you have better things to do than stay in front of cameras having sex showing all holes of your body?let me share with you :tyla wyyn is a disgusting pig,I heard she can`t even shit normally anymore from doing so much anal…………………HAHAHAHAHA.i wonder if you are in the same situation as her………………..HAHAHAHAHA.lavras,minas gerais.

  17. Tim

    At the end of the day for every 1 female that says she won’t do interracial there’s 3 that will do it with ease color doesn’t even matter anymore it’s all bs really, and the black penis shit is a myth color does not determine the size of your penis genetics&genes do that and that only

  18. John Wallace

    What that guy henry posted yesterday was quite interesting

  19. Simon Birch*ll

    Just wanted to add a bit of extra insight to my previous posts
    based on recent experiences.

    I think many white guys feel rather overwhelmed and insecure
    about themselves when confronted by the Massive Black Cocks on
    display in the majority or IR porn.

    This insecurity, which most guys would never freely admit to, is
    perceived as a threat to their manhood. Resulting in a blustering
    defensive smoke screen of denial, anger and deflective accusation.
    If it didn’t effect them and make them feel this way, obviously
    there would be no logical reason to get so heated about the issue.

    However, the fact is, the vast majority of so called BBC IR
    porn is bought by, downloaded and watched by ‘white males’. With
    those films containing the very BIGGEST black guys being by far
    and away the most popular.

    The sheer SIZE and INFLUENCE the biggest black dicks are able to exert
    is something many white guys, myself included, are genuinely struggling
    to cope with. Of course, it doesn’t do my own self esteem any good having
    to admit this, but unfortunately that doesn’t stop it from being the truth.

    What I think underpins the worries of many of the guys who find
    themselves drawn to or hooked upon IR porn, isn’t just the corrupting
    influence of the porn itself. But that there is a well recognized, and
    well trodden (though very rarely ever openly mentioned) path that many
    of these white guys will eventually end up treading.

    Because, for many, the lure of the porn is just the beginning of a one
    way journey. Down into the rapidly expanding real life world of black
    on white fucking. Where white guys are either turned into cuckolds or
    end up having the manhood pumped out of them.

    Many will simply dismiss these comments as just some over exaggerated
    nonsense. However, my recent personal experiences point very much in
    the opposite direction.

    I can fully understand why those white guys that simply decided to dabble
    in a bit of seemingly harmless adult IR entertainment, would be angry
    and in denial, after finding themselves falling under the influence of
    Enormous Black Cock. Therefore, the vehemence of the associated outbursts.

    Those unaffected by Huge Black Dick simply won’t get it, and wonder what all
    the fuss is about. However, for those many white guys in the same situation
    as me, living life with the threat of Massive Black Cocks exerting their
    hold over you, literally, all the way, it’s a very different story.

    I certainly didn’t foresee my life taking the direction it has, but I just
    don’t see any way back now.

    Was this weakness always a part of my psychological make up ?

    Probably, but so deeply buried to be as of no previous consequence.
    However, all those Enormous Black Dicks somehow managed to dredge up and
    drag that weakness all the way to the surface. Then mercilessly exerted
    their corrupting influence to the point where they are genuinely beginning
    to effect my everyday life.

    Whilst all this sounds rather negative, I do have to say that’s life’s
    certainly never boring now. Lol …

    So, just be mindfull what you fantasize about, and how much you download.
    Or you may end up like me, and get way more than you ever bargained for …..


  20. Devil's Advocate

    Interesting read, and somewhat thought provoking on 21st reality when it comes to sex. But what about the other side of the coin? How about future articles on women of different cultural background not having sex with, say, white men or black men. Do all black women in the business have no problems with having sex with white men? I’ve somewhere that some black women prefer only to have sex with white men. How true is that? What about other women, such as Hispanics, Latinos, Asian, Arabic, etc. What are their taboos when it comes to men of different cultures?
    Based upon the previous questions, possibly future article will be forthcoming?

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