Since the Easter holiday is around the corner... I thought you guys might enjoy a few holiday inspired pics!           If you're a member searching for the rest

Interview on TheDailyDot

In case you missed it, here's a fantastic new interview featured on DailyDot.com. I spoke candidly with Ej Dickson a few days before I left to speak at Harvard Law. Here's how the interview begins: "If we had to

Snow kitty

Ever wonder how a California kitty cat would react to a whole bunch of cold white snow?  No? Well I did. Here's my kitty cat's reaction:   I expected growling hateful hisses, instead she met this new

Flashback Friday

In honor of #flashbackfriday .... here's a blast from the past... this photo was from my first year of college, taken in my dorm room. In case you're wondering about the antlers as I can only assume I was getting

Box Lover

Every time I order something from Amazon my cat gets excited - she thinks every delivery is a gift for her (and in a way she's right).  She loves boxes. She bats at them, jumps in and out and above all loves

Sunshine & Snow

Shouldn't spring be fast approaching by now? Feels like today was the first clear day in weeks. Not getting my hopes up just yet, this nice (but freezing cold!) weather won't last, more snow is in our forecast. A

Throwback Thursday

  In honor of #throwbackthursday ..... do any of you remember this show? Fun times at the Playboy Studio :)

Ooh- Lala

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Aurora 11
**WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE** Check out these hot photos! Look at those curves on this tight, lean body ready for action. The lace lingerie doesn't stay on for long... it's a slow motion striptease that's sure to get your pulse racing. Make sure the lube is handy... it's time for some old fashioned fun :) ...

HD SERIES ~ The Night Bunny

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There is a very naughty bunny hopping around this time of year, and she's after your goodies!! Remastered for the first time in HD for your increased pleasure, this sexy holiday classic is better than ever! Hop on over to the lube, get comfortable, and let the Night Bunny give you a very sweet treat...

Double Stuffed

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Get ready for some hot three-way action. Two guys on top of one lucky girl - this one! Check out these sexy action pics from a classic vintage "Aurora" scene. Watch how I fulfill desires and keep things hot and heavy with every inch of my body. This is what I excel at - multi-tasking ;)

HD SERIES ~ Climax Compilation

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Too hot for a thumbnail, this very special video brings only the HOTTEST climaxes together in one HD clip! Including never-before-seen material. And it's not just the guys having fun in this one, I was sure to include some of my most memorable solo climaxes as well. This is some pretty extreme stuff...

Sexy Blue Jeans

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Check out this hot sexy photo shoot. These tight jeans hug every curve! Steal a peek at the white lingerie as the jeans hit the floor. Watch things really heat up with some solo sexy time. It's time for some solo fun :)

HD SERIES ~ Get Lucky!

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***CREAMPIE ALERT*** For the first time in HD, this is one of my all-time favorites! Put on something green and press play... just in time for St. Patrick's Day this is a fun little story about following a trail of lucky coins to my own little pile of gold. It's all fun and giggles in the beginning,...

Lake Side Beauty

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Besides tail gating, isn't this what pick up trucks are meant for? It's the perfect lake-side lounge-mobile. No need to worry about bugs, as I sunbathe on this huge 4x4. Plus when I strip the bathing suit off and go nude, the truck provides perfect cover (as if I needed any -lol). This was a perfect...

What’s Your Sign? Part 2

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**CLASSIC** In this classic follow-up scene, you'll hear even more talk about signs... and the way I think it all relates to sex. I love cooking in the kitchen almost as much as I love heating it up with some  passionate sexy time. Watch as I steam it up, I save the best part for last... I have des...

White Lace Panties

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From the archives **PANTY FETISH** This set goes out to all of you panty fetishists... full back white lace.  Pulled tight around delectable hips, you can see the curve of my rear as I tease the panties off into play mode. Ready for some tantalizing panty action? I am ;)

What’s Your Sign?

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**CLASSIC GIRL /GIRL ACTION** Watch as this conversation takes it up a notch, I turn horoscopes into sex-o-scopes. In this scene I read all the right signs which leads right into hot three-way girl on girl action. You'll never look at horoscope signs the same way again. Enjoy this scene from the arc...

Naughty Mistress

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A special bedroom tease... I was feeling a little frisky so I dressed up in this slinky black dress, hot patent leather boots and then stripped ever so slowly to arouse the both of us. See how hard my nipples are? I'm so hot and bothered... maybe I'll use those Lelo toys on the night stand... or may...

HD SERIES ~ Snow Job

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Way up in the mountains of Big Bear, a surprise snow led to a steamy snow job! Check it out here in HIGH DEFINITION - you'll be able to see every little detail as it was meant to be seen. My knees got a little cold if you know what I mean, but what I had in my mouth kept me hot all over. Come enjoy ...

Sexy Slumber Party!

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No pillow fights here, just long passionate kissing and soft caresses. I love the way her nails dug into my thighs, and the way she'd moan uncontrollably right before she climaxed. This was not your average sleep over, but a sleep over with porn stars! She was the first to arrive so we got the party...

HD SERIES ~ Hotel Sex

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My fans voted this one of their top favorite videos, and now you can see it for the first time in HD quality! This one is intimate, passionate, raw. It's one of my favorite too... hotel morning sex in an exotic location after too many drinks the night before, and captured innocently by one of those ...

Sexy Country Girl

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For this set we were on location at a ranch about 100 miles outside of Los Angeles. It was a real ranch with farmhands, horses, cows, and a lot of unpaved dirt roads. The photographer and I found this great "farm style" couch and chose to base our photos around it - we were going for the country gir...
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